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The 2024 Exterior Renovation:
55 years of weathering salt, sun, and hurricanes.  Here's the before, during, and after.

Love At First Sight
Oak Island, North Carolina, USA

Welcome to the information portal for Love At First Sight, a well-maintained 2nd row beach rental located on the beautiful west end of Oak Island, NC.

In early December of 2016, we made our way to Oak Island, NC to look at some homes we'd seen on Zillow.  There were 6 in total, but one stood out from the others.  Hmm, a 2nd row, duplex, really cute, on the west end of the island.

We were working with a local realtor, and with her complete permission, we asked to take an early look, by ourselves, at our leading candidate choice, 3310 W Beach Drive.  We pulled up, parked, and started looking around. 
How charming!

We went up the stairs, turned around and looked at the view of the ocean.  We sat in the rocking chairs and thought, immediately, "
This is the one! Truly, it was love at first sight for us.  We didn't go inside until the next day, with our realtor, but we sat on the porch and marveled at the package of house, location, and view.

December 2016 photos, including our original view from the porch.  It was our first time seeing the house (and our first time at Oak Island, NC).

Easily Sifting Through the Other Listings
We did go look at the other 5 houses that day, just the two of us, driving up to each house (all empty in December).  We checked out the locations, the curb appeal, and the designs of the houses.  For some, we spent 15 minutes walking around and checking out the condition.  For some others, we drove up, and almost immediately backed out of the driveway.  Some listing photos had been obviously "polished" to "help" the house sell.  The reality didn't meet the expectations of the listing.

What did this accomplish?  It sold us completely on our first choice, and we had still not seen the interior yet!  We toured it inside the next day during our "official" appointment with the realtor.  The layout offered so much potential.  We made the offer, it was accepted, and we started making plans for post-closing repairs and upgrades.

July 2017 photo, post initial renovation, on the day before we turned it over to Coastal Vacation Resorts for weekly rental.

2017's Exterior Work
The main focus of 2017's renovation was overwhelmingly interior, upgrading electrical, installing new flooring, kitchen rebuilds, shower rebuilds, plumbing, and painting.  We did replace the roof, fix a couple of windows, paint the front of the house, and repaint the porch's white trim, ceiling, and rails.  The house was well-received on the rental market that year, despite getting a late start in the season (July 5).

Every year since 2017, we've invested time and energy into making improvements, always addressing the evolving exterior needs.  Any structure this close to the ocean is in a severe competition against the elements.  It is no secret, in a contest between a structure on the coast and the salt-laden elements, the elements are always going to win.  Mix in a tropical storm and a couple hurricanes, and the structure gets a bit of a sand blasting, too.

Without yearly attention, a house on the coast will look noticeably weather-worn in just a few years.  We want your experience to be one of tremendous satisfaction.  Our goal is to always present a fresh, clean, well-maintained rental experience.

2024:  The Complete Exterior Rebuild
Our contractor for the project was Cameron Stanley of Cape Fear Home Improvements.
He can be reached at 910-742-7862.  We are very pleased with the materials, the workmanship, the planning, and ideas he provided along the way.  All work was performed under permits, and his subs were professionals.  We have no hesitation in recommending his work.

Teardown and examination, replacing sheathing as needed, and repairing compromised rim joists.

Our 2024 exterior renovation included a complete re-siding of the house.  We chose James Hardie fiber cement siding.  This superior product brings an upgraded visual appearance and durability to the house.

The removal of the previous siding revealed some water affected areas from decades of wind-driven rain during hurricanes.  The damage was not structural, but did need corrected.  All sheathing was inspected and significant areas were replaced.  The outer rim joists suffered the worst since 1969, being replaced in several areas.

Re-seating and flashing the windows.

Each window was examined for operability and all of the windows on the front of the house (the toughest spot for salt exposure) were replaced with tinted, hurricane rated glass.  Every window in the house, was removed and reseated for proper depth to match the new Hardie plank surface.

Each window and door was properly re-flashed and sealed against the elements.  Wall insulation was replaced as needed, and the entire house was wrapped in Epilay moisture barrier material.

Rear side of house, rim joist replacement, sheathing replacement, and window reseating.

Applying the Eplilay moisture barrier and installing fiber cement trim around the windows and doors.

The formerly exposed eaves were boxed in with vented soffits.  All windows and doors were re-trimmed with James Hardie fiber cement board.

New 2024 standing seam metal roof from Hinson Roofing Specialists, 910-524-1915.

The metal roof installed in 2017 was not faring well over time.  We were very surprised, upon inspection, to see the linear degradation in just 7 years.  Rather than band aid that installation, we decided to install a new, proper, standing seam metal roof.  We'll have to chalk up the 2017 roof to being rookies, at the time, to coastal home ownership.  Not every product on the market is up to the conditions present at the coast.  The new metal roof is far superior in material, design, underlayment, and installation.

James Hardie plank and trim in factory primed coating color.

The front of the house faces the ocean, and the daily salt spray and salt air exposure really takes its toll over the decades.  As the project progressed, and the attention moved to the front of the house, it became apparent the right side of the porch was out of level by about 3 inches.  The rebuild replaced every component of the structural part of the front of the house and porch, including new stairs. 

Complete porch and front rebuild, including new stairs.  When every board and nail and fastener is replaced, when does a 1969 house cease to be a "1969 house" any longer?

We opted not to reconstruct the stairs on both sides of the porch, as the house is no longer an interior duplex and we've only offered whole house rentals since 2023.  The stairs to the porch are now on the left side of the house only.

New frame, decking, and rails.

Completed 2024 rebuild of the front of the house, the porch, new windows, railing, and stairs...and it is all level!

The porch rebuild includes decorative, yet structural design elements to recreate the feel of the original design (which we loved).  We are very happy with the results.

2024 porch ceiling replacement.

Under the house, the original shower was replaced with a new design with new materials and plumbing.  A new 20'x6' storage room was built (for homeowner use) under the house, too.

The new shower has a recessed light inside, controlled by a switch on the exterior of the shower.

2024 new shower photo

Finally, the house was professionally painted by the crew of Bob Merkle Painting, 910-742-6099











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